Nou Cafea Brazil decaffeinated SWD 250gr Mareste

Cafea Brazil decaffeinated SWD 250gr


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Brazil decaffeinated SWD

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  • A blend of choice Brazilian arabica coffees that are decaffeinated by the unique Swiss Water Process. During this procedure
    no chemical dissolvent is utilised to remove caffeine. The coffee is soaked in a water bath where all soluble agents are
    washed out, including caffeine. Subsequently the water is passed through filters with active carbon, which catch the caffeine.
    After removing caffeine from the extract, the coffee beans are again soaked in the extract, regaining their original aroma
    and taste. In both the taste and aroma you can find sweetness and freshly roasted hazelnut. Overall, the coffee is light
    with mild acidity and body.

  • Greutate0.25 kg
    Dimensiuni ambalaj (Lxlxh)14x6x22 cm
    Tip cafea100% Arabica - cafea boabe prajita
    Contine cofeinada
    Destinat pentruespressor, filtru, ibric
    Țara de origineBrazilia
    Varietate ( soi )Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo
    Altitudine950-1100 m
    Solargila rosie
    Metoda de procesarenaturala