Nou Pret redus! Cafes belleville CHÂTEAU BELLEVILLE 250g Mareste

Cafes belleville CHÂTEAU BELLEVILLE 250g

Cafes belleville

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Our Blend Composition
• 30% Hambela Dimtu, Natural, Ethiopie, heirloom varieties
• 40% Finca Rola, Washed, Costa Rica, Catuai
• 30% Neptaly Bautista, Washed, Honduras, Pacas

Roast Date: 15.03.2019

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  • The Theory of Blending
    An intense jammy experience overwhelms the palette, that at once evokes the experience of wine tasting of the Grand Crus in
    Burgundy. With a provocative complexity and velvety body, it is easy to drink but exciting enough to bring to a dinner party.

    This coffee, as filter or as espresso, will transport your customers to the vineyard where they can smell the grape being pressed
    and ageing in wooden barrels. Take a tour with us through the Grand Crus.

    Le Château Belleville offers a subtlety and consistency without precedent. We are very proud of the outcome of our work, and we
    are equally happy to serve it to you and your customers.

    Tasting notes: Launching Château Belleville, we discovered a coffee that reminds us of the notes often found in red wine. Overripe grapes and a
    persistent body that envelopes the taste buds.