Nou Pret redus! Cafes belleville French Roast 250g Mareste

Cafes belleville French Roast 250g

Cafes belleville

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Our Blend Composition
• 40% Hunapu, Washed, Guatemala, Bourbon, Caturra
• 30% Kopakaki, Washed, Rwanda, Bourbon
• 30% Dhilgee Fuafate, Washed, Ethiopia, heirloom varieties

Roast Date: 15.03.2019

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  • The Theory of Blending
    Belleville is taking back the French Roast label, instead of dark, over-roasted, beyond second-crack, almost charcoal coffee, we
    want to surprise customers by delighting them with a fruity and balanced coffee.

    French Roast is our way of reclaiming the term and our pride along with it.

    Tasting notes: A blend of candy sweet with a juicy mandarin right hook, followed by a dark chocolate finish that leaves you wanting more